market analysis services


Baum and Associates can provide customized analysis to determine those markets that offer the best opportunities and how they should be addressed.  Baum and Associates can look at opportunities in products, markets, or customers or more likely a combination of all three.  Today's business environment means that companies must carefully evaluate their opportunities and determine which opportunities are consistent with corporate goals and perhaps even more important, which ones are not.  Saying no when appropriate allows you to focus limited resources on what you do best.  

Our experience in understanding how market trends will affect your business will allow you to capitalize on new opportunities and avoid pitfalls resulting from these trends.  Our analysis of these trends will be customized to your unique situation so that you can react accordingly.  

Understanding your position in your current markets (including how you compare to your competitors) allows you to make these decisions proactively and Baum and Associates can assist you in this vital task.  We can use our automotive forecast to inform the analysis if your company is active in that market.   Besides our work with private companies, we also work with a number of investment companies including private equity firms to evaluate the prospects for potential debt and equity investments.  If you are looking for attractive companies that the market is not appreciating and/or trying to avoid companies that are not so attractive, our analysis can provide the due diligence you need.